Human vs. Machine: Selecting the Best Option for Document Translation

If you want to apply for immigration or a job in a foreign country, you have to translate your documents in most cases. Considering the nature of the documents, it is recommended to hire professional services for translation. These services will ease the process of immigration by providing accurate translations. On the other hand, any error in the document translation can result in the rejection of a visa or admission. Here is where the best document translation services come in. These services help to mitigate the communication barriers in this globalized world.  

Some people try to translate their documents with the help of online translation tools. There are different options available on the internet, but their translation accuracy is not guaranteed. Do you know that the most popular translation tool on the internet is Google Translate? It provides translation in more than 100 languages. The other significant tools are DeepL Translator and Microsoft Translator. They support documents in different formats like HTML, PDF, and Word. On a formal level, you must hire a professional translation agency to get the best document translation services.

How to Select the Best Translation Services? 

Many translation services are working around the world. Before selecting any of them, you must be clear about these things:

  • Languages in which you need translation
  • Do you need an industry-specific translator for any particular field? 
  • Do you require a certified translation or not? 

Once you are clear about your requirements, you can hire a company to provide you with the best document translation services.

Human Translation: The Gold Standard

Professional translation agencies have a team of competent translators who are subject matter experts in their field. They are hired after a tough assessment. The best thing about these translators is that they are native. Therefore, they provide clients with seamless document translation services after considering the cultural and regional intricacies. 

Additionally, the native translators give attention to detail and try to capture the nuances of each language. Human translators also take into consideration the intended message of the context. 

Moving on, many companies offer professional proofreading and editing services as well. This helps to ensure the accuracy of the translated content. 

Machine Translation: Fast Outcome  

The advancement of technology has led to the development of many AI-powered machine translation (MT) tools. Due to the increased volume of data, many companies and people opt for them as they produce results fast. 

Different MT tools can translate content into a variety of languages. With just a few clicks, you can have an entire document translated. So, for those who have urgent needs or large volumes of data that require translation, MT is a preferred choice. 

Here, one thing to ponder is that machine translation tools often translate the content word for word without considering regional and cultural nuances. Thus, human intervention in translation is important.  Therefore, translation companies should adopt a hybrid approach to provide clients with impeccable translation services effectively. 

Computer-Assisted Translation CAT: Hybrid Approach  

Computer-assisted translation as the name depicts is a self-explanatory hybrid approach which means using machine translation with human intervention. CAT tools assist translators by providing them with fizzy matches. These matches are translated before and are present in the translation memories. 

The advantage of the CAT tool is that it increases the efficiency of the translation process. Moreover, it brings consistency to the translated documents. The translators don’t have to translate the content again, thus saving time. CAT tools give great support to translators. It is a great example of using machine translation with the assistance of human translation. Here the important thing to note is that CAT tools cannot remove human translation.

Improve Machine Translations with Post-Editing 

Post-editing is similar to professional proofreading and editing services, but it’s only performed at machine-generated translation to improve its quality. With the help of post-editing, human translators can refine the MT output and make it resonate with the target market.  

For large content and tight deadlines, post-editing is your solution. It helps in providing state-of-the-art translation services to clients. Moreover, these translations have the same level of accuracy as you got completely from human-translated content. 

Wrapping Up 

Different document techniques have their pros and cons. No doubt that machine translation provides translation data in a fast turnaround time, but its accuracy is doubtful. On the other hand, human translation is accurate, however it is time-consuming. 

Last but not least, machine translations with post-editing provide state-of-the-art translation services. Whether to use online translation tools or to hire a professional translation company, the choice is yours. Selecting the right translation tool or professional translation agency relies upon translation requirements. If you hire a professional translation agency for corporate document translation, then you can work on other tasks of the company with peace of mind. 


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