Google Mera Naam Kya Hai | How to ask your name from Google?

Hello friends, do you also ask Google what is Google my name? (Google Mera Naam Kya Hai) And you want Google to tell you your name instead, then read it thoroughly, today I am going to tell you about how you can get your name called from Google.

After setting the settings that I am going to tell you, whenever you ask Google Assistant, what is my name Google? So instead of that Google will tell you your name.

When we ask any type of question from Google, it gives us all the answers like Google what is my name? (google what’s my name?)

Google what’s my name? What is my name Google?

Google what’s my name? Or to know your name from Google, start most google assistant (google voice search), click on its mic icon then ask “Google what is my name?” or “Google my name” or “What’s my name?” After this Google will tell you your name like “Aapka Naam Vijay”.

To answer questions from Google, it is very important to start Google Assistant, only then you can talk to your mobile or Google.

Google what is my name – how does google tell

Till now we told you that Google still has personal details. Google’s service “Google Assistant” is our assistant in a way that listens to everything we say. This tells our personal details like what is my name. If you also want Google Assistant to tell what my name is, then for this you will have to setup Google Assistant. It is very easy to setup it. You can setup Google Assistant with the information given in the next paragraph.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the only product of Google which remains as our assistant. It works on your voice. For example, if you want to check the current time, then you just have to give a Voice or Text command and Google Assistant will tell you about the time. In this way you can ask anything from Google Assistant.

How to setup google assistant?

Setting up the Google Assistant is very easy. You can activate Google Assistant by looking at the settings given below:

1. Download the Google Assistant application from Play Store / Apple Store.

2. Then on your Android phone or tablet, say “Ok Google, open Assistant settings.”

3. Under “Settings”, tap General – Preferred input.

4. Now choose your preferred input.

To speak your question or command: Tap Voice .

To type your question or instructions: Tap on the keyboard.

Now Google Assistant is activated on your mobile. Now you can give orders by holding the home button of the mobile or by saying Hey Google. Apart from this, you can also give a new name to Google Assistant. Now whatever you ask from Google Assistant, it will tell you.

Google what is my name how to ask

As told earlier that you can ask the assistant by holding the home button or saying Hey Google. You have to say your question by saying this, then Google Assistant will give your answer.

For example “What’s my name?” After that Google Assistant will tell you the name. Just remember that before asking anything, hold the Hey Google or Home button. The assistant starts only by doing this.

Now you have come to know that with the help of Google Assistant, you can easily know “Google what is my name“.

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