What is the difference between AC and DC current

What is the difference between AC and DC current? AC & DC Full Form

What is the difference between Ac and DC Current? In today’s time, our life is completely dependent on electricity and we need electricity in our house all the time. We have started needing a lot of electricity in small and big work. Today all our work has become dependent on electricity and we cannot live without electricity even for a few moments.

But do you know what is the current coming in your house, if you do not know, then tell you that there are two types of current, first AC and second DC. Please tell that AC means Alternating Current and DC means Direct Current.

What is AC current?

As we told you the user that the full name of AC is Alternating Current and this current changes its direction and value after a certain time, hence it is called Alternating Current. Let us tell you that a lot of voltage can be generated from alternating current, it can be generated up to about 33000 Volt. (ATM and online fraud are done like this) The biggest advantage of this current is that it can be converted with the help of transformer. Can be done more or less and at the same time this current can be easily sent to a long distance because it can be reduced or increased with the help of transformer and for this reason first its voltage is increased then where Also has to be sent there, its voltage is reduced according to the requirement.

What is DC current?

DC which is called direct current is that which does not change the current direction and value.
Let us tell you that nowadays alternating current (AC) is being used everywhere, but there are some works where DC current is required.

For example, only DC current can be used to charge any type of battery.

Because of this DC current (DC) can be stored in batteries but AC current cannot be stored. DC supplies are used in current measuring instruments such as multimeter testers. Apart from this, DC current is also used in electroplating work.

All the work of TV, radio, computer, and mobile is done by DC current.

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