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Primary Health Clinics of British Columbia offers proactive, high-quality, and tailored healthcare that best addresses your needs.

WellSense Medicare Advantage

Wellhealth How To Build Muscle Tag plans feature extra perks like health and wellness programs such as 24-hour nurse advice lines, SilverSneakers fitness reimbursements, and more.

Medicare Advantage (also known as Part C) combines hospital and medical coverage into one plan with prescription drug coverage provided by private insurers, providing services not available through Original Medicare.

Ask your clients about plans available in their area, and if they desire a more customized experience they may sign up for an Appointment of Representative (AOR), which will allow them to designate someone other than themselves to submit coverage determinations, exceptions and appeals on their behalf.

WellSense Medicaid

We’re here to help you make the most of your New Hampshire Medicaid benefits, including tips for managing asthma or resources for prenatal care and postpartum recovery. You’ll also find expert information and tools to keep yourself healthy – like tools that can assist in staying afloat during a difficult pregnancy, for instance.

WellSense typically works only with healthcare providers in your home state (New Hampshire), so each year if you spend most of your time outside NH it may be necessary to reapply for Medicaid through NH Easy. If this applies to you then apply today on NH Easy!

WellSense Medicare Part D

WellSense Medicare Part D offers participants access to a nationwide network of pharmacies, an expansive formulary and one-on-one medication therapy management. Furthermore, WellSense also features an expansive telehealth provider network as well as wellness perks like discounted gym memberships.

Medicare Part D plans must provide core coverage, with extras and how they manage drug cost tiers varying among plans. Medicare also sets an annual cap on how much your and your plan can pay before entering the coverage gap (also known as “donut hole”).

Signing up for Medicare Part D can be done using either the Medicare Plan Finder or directly contacting your insurer, or through choosing a Medicare Advantage plan with Part D components.

WellSense Behavioral Health

WellSense provides treatments and counseling services to support individuals with behavioral health needs, including counseling for substance use and smoking cessation; psychoanalytic therapies and rehabilitation services.

Behavioral health encompasses emotional and behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. Addressing these issues early is crucial. WellSense has partnered with Carelon Behavioral Health to assist members with accessing services they require – from therapists, psychologists, and addiction treatment specialists all over their network – if this is something bothers you – make sure to discuss it with your physician as early as possible!

WellSense Dental

WELL AI Inbox Admin is an indispensable resource in streamlining clinic processes. The system automatically flags and prioritizes important communication to ensure it is quickly addressed while referral pathways remain optimized.

WELL’s Patient Services business saw a record 678,000 clinic visits in Canada during Q4-2023 – this includes primary, specialty, allied health and diagnostic care services as well as their Longevity+ offering.

This metric gives a more accurate indication of the Company’s full capabilities as it includes clinics owned, operated and digitally transformed over longer than others in its network. Furthermore, this measurement does not take into account acquisitions or absorptions as sources of change.

WellSense Vision

Share information with those closest to you and keep in complete control over who has access to your health data.

Well Sense is the business name of Boston Medical Center Health Plan outside Massachusetts and BMC HealthNet Plan within Massachusetts. New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has selected Well Sense to begin providing managed care coverage to Medicaid recipients starting December 1, 2013. As part of an open enrollment period, enrollees will select their desired managed care plans.

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