A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Vegan Beauty Products

In the current world scenario where people are more concerned about the environment and animals the rise in vegan beauty products can be significantly seen. While entering the world of vegan beauty can be thrilling and fulfilling it is important to understand the basics of it before you start buying it. This article here will explain the world of vegan products to the beginners before they start their beautiful journey.

Rise in the Vegan Beauty Products

  • There is a growing trend towards cruelty-free cosmetics for ethical, ecological and health reasons.
  • By 2027, the global market for vegan cosmetics is expected to grow to $21.4 billion.
  • Increase in knowledge of the environmental and animal impacts of sourcing ingredients for beauty products among consumers.
  • Bloggers, influencers, and celebrities are also promoting vegan cosmetics.
  • Rapid market growth due to the introduction of various vegan products by well-known brands and new vegan start-ups like Fitglow Beauty Canada.
  • Consumer behavior is changing in the beauty industry towards sustainability and ethics.

Common Ingredients of Vegan BeautyProducts

Vegan beauty products are gaining huge popularity in recent years which reflects the growth of consumer awareness towards cruelty-free and ethically sourced options. These products are made from plant-based ingredients and synthetic alternatives. The following are the ingredients that are used in vegan beauty products:

  • Plant-based Oil: One of the important ingredients of vegan beauty products is plant-based oil. Essential oils like jojoba, coconut and argan are used in the beauty products. These oils have moisturizing qualities which can be used as an alternative to provide moisture without the need of animal products. These oils help in enhancing the product’s overall scent and texture as well.
  • Plant Extracts: Weekend beauty products used as botanical extracts for their skincare benefits. Plants like chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, etc, have soothing and antioxidant properties that promote healthy skin and reduce inflammation. These extracts are known not only for their effectiveness but also for their sustainability and cruelty-free origins.
  • Natural Mineral Pigments: In the world of beauty products one such section that is widely used is makeup. Vegan beauty products often rely on mineral pigments instead of animal-derived colors. Ingredients like iron oxide, mica and titanium dioxide has vibrant and long-lasting pigmentation that can be used in the makeup products. Companies ensure that they are derived ethically and sustainably.
  • Natural Emollients: Vegan beauty products prioritizes natural emollients that are derived from plants. Some of the common plant-based emollients are Shea butter, Cocoa butter and avocado oil. They have rich texture and nourishing benefits that makes them a popular choice in the beauty industry. These ingredients replace animal-based alternatives while ensuring a luxurious field in skin care products.

Some Vegan Beauty Products that are Available Around the World

The popularity of vegan beauty products is increasing day by day which has resulted in an approximately 750% increase in sales of beauty brands. These beauty brands provide many beauty products related to skincare, haircare and makeup in the market. Here are some of the vegan beauty products that are available around the world:


Vegan moisturizers are guilt-free and cruelty-free products that enhance your skin health and also take care of your moral principles. Plant extracts vitamins and antioxidants are main ingredients in these botanically rich products. Companies like Fitglow Beauty that produce vegan moisturizers are attracting youth more. This nourishing moisturizer respects the ethical norms by excluding ingredients that are extracted from animals and using plant-based alternatives to it. 

These vegan ingredients are not harmful to your skin and provide the needed care and moisture to it. You can use this moisturizer guilt-free without thinking about its bad impact on the environment because it hasn’t caused any.

BB Creams and Foundations

With the increase in the use of makeup, more and more companies are moving towards producing vegan makeup products. One such product that is popular in the makeup category is foundations or BB creams. To achieve the flawless complexion without compromising with your ethical values is now possible with these vegan foundations and bb creams.

There are many companies that have started the vegan movement by using their ingredients that are cruelty-free and plant-based to formulate their products. These foundations not only provide excellent coverage but also take care of your skin complexion without ruining the texture. To protect your skin more you can apply Fitglow Beauty Cloud Ceramide Balm before foundation to provide more moisture to the skin.

Face Washes

The first step in any skin care is cleansing and there are many vegan face washes that are now available in the market. They are made from plant-based extracts like neem, cucumber, aloe vera etc that have many skincare benefits. These not only cleans the skin but also nourishes to a deeper layer. Companies like Herbivore Botanicals and Himalayas have vegan face washes that not only cleanses but also provides a peace of mind that they have plant extracts.


Concealers are the makeup products that are used to conceal pigmentation and imperfections on the skin. Vegan concealers are the new trends of ethical elegance in the beauty world. These cruelty-free concealers are free from animal-derived ingredients and have impeccable coverage without compromising with the moral principle of the consumers. 

Fitglow Beauty Conceal is one such pioneer in this beauty solution. They have plant-based ingredients that are sourced ethically to save the environment. It is not only gentle on skin but also gives a high coverage.

Lipsticks and Lip Balms

There are many lip products that are available in the vegan beauty market for the people who enjoy wearing lipsticks and lip balms. These products are cruelty-free and do not use beeswax in it. Brands like e.l.f Cosmetics have a wide variety of lipsticks and lip balms that are rich in color and vegan as well. 

They are transfer-proof and gentle to the lips, which ensures that your lips stay nourished and gorgeous. These lipsticks contain plant-based oils and butter as well as natural mineral pigmentation for best quality.

Eyeliners and Mascaras

Who doesn’t love a bit of drama when it comes to the eyes? Gone are the days when achieving bold and dramatic eyes required products that are tested on animals. Vegan brands like CoverGirl have emerged as one of the leading production houses of Eyeliners and Mascaras that have vegan ingredients in them. They have a long-lasting formula that is inflammation-free to your eyes. These mascaras and eyeliners deliver the drama you need without compromising with your ethics.


The world of vegan beauty products has extended to the perfume industry as well. Many brands that are adopting cruelty-free practices for their production of perfumes. These companies make vegan perfumes and body sprays that are derived from natural flowers and plant products. They have an attractive scent that provides the essence of nature.


Serums are those liquid moisturizers that have a deep nourishing feature that works rapidly and effectively on any skin type. The vegan serum represents an ethical approach to skincare that is the blend of plant-based goodness. It is made without animal-derived ingredients or testing. 

Brands like Fitglow Beauty have vegan serums that provide you with a dose of antioxidants, vitamins and botanical extracts. From enhancing hydration to addressing specific skin concerns, this vegan serum covers everything.

Vegan Shampoo

Apart from skincare, vegan beauty products also deal with hair care. These cruelty-free substitutes take care of the welfare of animals and the environment. Vegan shampoos have components from plant extracts and essential oils that help in cleansing and protecting the hair texture. 

They are designed to wash your hair without compromising with the natural scalp oil to maintain the pH balance of the scalp. Vegan Shampoos not only leaves your hair brilliant and scalp clear but also demonstrates kindness.

How to Choose the Correct Vegan Product for You

Choosing the correct vegan product is very important as there are many brands that sell their products as vegan but they have ingredients or their process is unethical which makes them non-vegan products.

  • The first and foremost thing is to understand your requirements and needs for the product.
  • Read the list of ingredients properly to see whether any animal-derived ingredients are added to it even if it is in small quantities. 
  • Make sure to go through the company’s website to understand more about their process of production and the ingredients of the product.
  • There are many plant-based extracts that you can be allergic to. So, make sure that you are checking all the allergens and sensitivity before using any product.
  • Read customer reviews and experiences to better understand about the product and its quality.


Using vegan beauty products can be a life-changing experience that will lead to moral and eco-friendly self care. People can alter their options to beauty brands that offer plant-based products like Fitglow Beauty Cloud Comfort Cream. Vegan beauty products are now more accessible and affordable to common people and it is beneficial for both the environment and humans. As the world is changing, the shift in this beauty world has forced the brands to produce more vegan products and play their part in the welfare of the environment and animals.

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