Exploring Travel Options Between Pune and Nashik

Mumbai To Shirdi Cab with Omsairamcab, Maharashtra’s cultural hub, to Nashik, the holy city on the banks of the Godavari River, is an exciting prospect. While the cultural experiences at both destinations are distinct, understanding the distance between them is crucial for planning your journey. This guide delves into the distance between Pune and Nashik by cab and explores some factors that can influence this distance.

The Straight and Winding Road

The distance between Pune and Nashik can vary slightly depending on the chosen route. Here’s a breakdown of the two main options:

  • Shortest Distance: The shortest distance between Pune and Nashik is approximately 163.6 kilometers. This route typically uses the Mumbai-Agra National Highway (NH 60) for a major portion of the journey.

  • Preferred Cab Route: The most commonly used route by cabs might be slightly longer, ranging from 210 kilometers to 226 kilometers. This route prioritizes faster travel times by incorporating sections of expressways like the Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. While adding some distance, these expressways often allow for higher speeds, potentially reducing overall travel time.

Important Note: These distances are approximate and can vary depending on specific road conditions and chosen routes by cab companies.

Factors Affecting the Distance by Cab

While the shortest distance offers a baseline, several factors can influence the actual distance traveled by cab:

  • Traffic Conditions: Traffic congestion, especially on major highways during peak hours, can force cabs to take detours or slow down, potentially increasing the distance traveled.

  • Route Choice: Cab companies might choose routes with varying distances based on their assessment of traffic conditions, tolls, and overall travel time.

  • Passenger Pickups and Drop-offs: If your cab picks up or drops off other passengers along the way, this can add some distance to your journey.

Planning Your Pune to Nashik Cab Trip

Knowing the approximate distance and the factors affecting it can help you plan your trip more effectively:

  • Estimated Travel Time: Based on the distance and average highway speeds, expect the travel time from Pune to Nashik to range from 4 to 5 hours. However, factor in potential traffic delays when making your itinerary.

  • Cab Fare Considerations: Since distance is a significant factor affecting cab fares, understanding the potential variations in distance can help you estimate your transportation costs more accurately.

  • Choosing the Right Cab: If travel time is a priority, a cab company that utilizes expressways might be a good choice, even if the distance is slightly higher. Conversely, if budget is a major concern, you might explore options with slightly longer routes that avoid tolls.

Beyond Distance: Alternative Travel Options

While cabs offer a comfortable and convenient way to travel between Pune and Nashik, here are some alternative options to consider:

  • State Transport (ST) Buses: ST buses provide a reliable and budget-friendly option for this route. While travel time might be longer compared to cabs, the significant cost savings can be a major advantage.

  • Car Rentals: Renting a car allows for maximum flexibility and control over your travel itinerary. However, factor in car rental costs, fuel expenses, and potential tolls when comparing this option to cabs.

  • Shared Cabs: Shared cabs, where you share the ride and fare with other passengers, can be a more economical option than regular cabs. However, they might have limitations regarding comfort and flexibility.


The distance between Pune and Nashik by cab typically ranges from 163.6 kilometers to 226 kilometers. While the shortest distance provides a basic reference point, factors like traffic, route choice, and passenger pick-ups can influence the actual distance traveled. Understanding these factors empowers you to plan your journey effectively, estimate travel time and cab fares more accurately, and choose the most suitable travel option based on your priorities and budget.

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