Desert Safari Dubai – A Brief Guide for First Timers in UAE

Want to experience a Dubai Desert Safari in the UAE? This article will tell you all you need to know about a Dubai Desert Safari.

Desert Safaris are available in Dubai

There are two Desert Safari Dubai Tours – one-morning tour and another evening tour. A desert safari is the epitome of Dubai. This is an experience that everyone will enjoy – couples, families, and solo travellers. You can go dune-bashing, dune-boarding, riding a camel and trying shisha. You won’t regret a Dubai Desert Safari.

There are so many options for desert safari tours that the market has become a bit saturated. It can be difficult to choose the best one as they offer similar services.

Safari in the morning

You can experience the splendor of the Arabian Desert sunrise on a morning safari. A sea of golden sand reflecting sunlight is a fantastic sight. You can also try quad biking, horseback riding, dune bashing, sandboarding, and sandboarding in the middle of the Desert.

Evening Safari

Enjoy the thrill of dune bashing as you navigate the undulating dunes with experienced drivers. In a Bedouin camp, you can experience the warm hospitality of Bedouins. Enjoy a BBQ buffet dinner, cultural performances, and camel riding or henna tattooing activities.

Desert Safaris Dubai – What are they offering?

Dubai Desert Safari has a variety of activities and attractions. Depending on the package you select, this tour includes:

Transport to and From the Accommodation

Dune bashing in a 4WD is an exciting experience

Desert adventure activities include sandboarding, dune buggies, and horseback riding.

Camel rides let you explore the desert like a Bedouin.

Live performances of Tanoura, belly dance, traditional costumes, and henna arts.

Enjoy a delicious Arabic barbecue or buffet.

Try hookah or watch a falconry display.

Desert Safari Dubai – Experiences for budget and VIP

Plan your Dubai Desert Safari trip in advance. You can select the red dunes of the desert based on your budget.

Morning Desert Safari

A morning safari is the best option if you are busy in the evening but have time to fit it into your day. At 9 am, you will be picked up and driven directly to the Desert.

Then, you will enjoy 20 minutes of thrilling 4×4 driving with experienced drivers. You will then return to the camp provided by the Zoo. At the camp, you can also do camel safaris or sandboarding. Dune buggy tours are popular and considered the most thrilling part of the safari. All these activities can be completed in just 2 hours.

On the campsite, you will receive complimentary water and soft drinks. You will be taken to your hotel after the camp.

Evening Desert Safari

On the exciting dune tour, you will reach your first stop to watch the stunning sunset. We will then continue the dune race to the camp, where we can take gorgeous photos of the camel and the sunset.

You can also try henna on your hands or feet. A delicious BBQ dinner will be served at the camp. The famous Arabic hookah is available for smoking. Tanura and fireshows around the campfire can conclude the day.

Desert Safari Overnight

Going on this safari with two or more people is best, but it’s still a good option if you are alone. This safari is an extension of the evening safari. The Dubai overnight safari begins as soon as the guests leave the evening safari.

Tents include mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Tents will also include mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Shisha Corner also offers Shisha.

Desert Safari Camp provides toilets and showers for hygienic purposes. After a delicious breakfast with coffee or tea and freshly prepared food the following day, we returned to our hotel.

Why you should do a Dubai desert safari

Dubai and the Emirate of Dubai offer you a variety of activities and adventures to enjoy. Desert Safaris are a must-do. Desert safari is the cultural essence of Dubai.

You can read more about it here:

Desert Safaris are highly recommended for visitors to the UAE. Desert safaris are an adventurous experience. You can choose from a morning or evening tour, or a Lynettettet.

Start your adrenaline rush by booking your Dubai Desert Safari Package. You will be mesmerized by the Arabian Desert. Dubai is the ideal place to enjoy the thrills and excitement of a desert adventure.


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