Soothing Out Your Ride with an Airbag Suspension Kit

What is an Airbag Suspension Kit?

Airbag suspension is a system, combined of several components which replaces the traditional coil suspension spring system with airbags or air-springs. These are installed between the leaf spring and the frame. In the case of a coil system, the airbags are installed in the centre of the coil.

The airbag kits cost generally starts from $400 and goes up with quality & brand. Recognition.

Installing the airbag suspension system dramatically improves your ride quality, towing, hauling, and capacity to manage load. Their primary users are truck owners who carry loads from one place to another and face severe road conditions, unlike normal city car owners.

However, that doesn’t stop you from being the coolest guy in the colony. If you desire, you can surely customise your car with a custom airbag suspension system.

Different Parts of Airbag Suspension Kit:

Modern airbag suspension kits have smart components that control the ride height and air pressure electronically. So there will be modern micro devices for doing so.

  • Air Springs
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Tank
  • Valves
  • Height Sensors
  • Pressure safety switches
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Air Lines
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors

How Does an Airbag Suspension Kit Work?

  • When a load is put on the vehicle, it starts pushing the vehicle down.
  • The ride height gets changed which affects the overall driving experience significantly.
  • Now when this happens, ‘Height Sensors’ starts working and signals the ECU to respond according to the conditions.
  • ECU starts the process by letting the compressor pump air into the air spring.
  • This air adjusts the ride height of the vehicle and offers the desired stiffness.
  • There are airline or air tubes which carry the compressed air.
  • Some air suspension systems include an air tank. This helps in quicker adjustments when needed.
  • Air valves control the flow of compressed air into the airbags. It helps regulate the ride height and stiffness.
  • The ECU system controls the suspension based on conditions, driving speed, and other factors.

Benefits of Using Airbag Suspension Kit:

Installing a sir suspension system improves your riding experience multiple times, offering better security, comfort, and flexibility. Here are some benefits that you may like to know in detail. 

  1. Air suspension reduces noises, and harshness while driving, and minimises the vibrations. 
  2. Better driving conditions bring more stability to the vehicle, offering better fuel efficiency. 
  3. Using air suspension also improves the handling by giving the right ride a comfortable height. 
  4. Air suspension enables your vehicle to adjust according to the terrain. Modern air suspension system automatically changes the ride height when needed with the help of sensors & ECU. 
  5. Your vehicle load section becomes more stable, preventing the items from breaking. 
  6. Less vibration and smoother driving improve the tyre life. 
  7. Why stop at your vehicle only? Better & smoother driving increases the road lifetime as well. 
  8. Minimises the load shifting, giving an extra layer of support to the loads and keeping them safe. 
  9. Improves the overall comfort while driving the car, giving you less travel aches. 

 Also, check the Benefits of Using Custom Air Suspension

How to Install Airbag Suspension to Your Vehicle?

If you’re not a vehicle maintenance guy, freely seek help from an expert. However, if you have some experience or want to explore your skills, go for it buddy. 

Follow the below given instructions. 

  1.  Understand the air suspension system thoroughly. Find out which kit will suit your vehicle because they are not all-in-one fit cases. 
  2. Gather all the required equipment for installation. They are as follows. 
  • Jack & Jack Stands
  • Socket Wrench Set
  • Screwdriver
  • Pilers (regular & needle nose)
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Air compressor
  • Air hose & fittings
  • Electrical wire crimpers & connectors
  • Wiring kits
  • Suspension grease 

 3. Choose your appropriate airbag kit.

4. Seek safety first because a small mistake can cause serious injuries. Wear everything- glasses, gloves, and safety clothes.

5. Remove the existing suspension with the lug wrench.

6. You will get a proper installation guide specific to the kit. Follow that thoroughly and make no mistakes again.

7. Mount the airlines at the most comfortable places where it will not hinder other components of the vehicle and work freely.

8. Now set up the ECU to the vehicle’s electrical system as per guidance.

9. Test it for leakages and functioning at different ride heights.

Maintenance & Care- How to Enhance Your Suspension Life Longer?

– Regularly check the air suspension pressure. Make sure it is within the limits as guided.

– Make sure there are no damages such as leaks, tears, or visible cracks on fittings, airline and airbags.

– Keep cleaning the system in a week to remove dust and mud.

– Do not overload your vehicle.

– Avoid rough roads while you drive. It minimises the potential impact on the system.

– Consider any kind of noises coming from the system such as groans and squeaks. Check it immediately.

– Go for regular servicing and make it to the priority list.

– If you live in an extreme weather condition region, be extra careful about maintenance. 

– Replace all the worn-out components with high-quality equipment. Buy only the same brand to maintain authenticity.

– Follow the manual maintenance guidelines at all conditions. 

Comparing Different Airbag Suspension Kits:


Performance Standard Airbag Kit Adjustable Airbag Tow Assist Airbag Load-Leveling Airbag Off-Road Airbag Kit
Ride Quality Medium High High High High
Adjustability Limited High Medium Limited High
Towing Capacity Boost No No Yes Yes Yes
Load-Levelling Ability No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Off-Road Capability Limited Limited Limited Limited High
Durability Moderate High High High High


Air suspension system heavily increases your comfort & control while you’re driving. It makes the experience smoother & minimises the load movements, giving you a controlled ride on the varying uncomfortable terrains.

Air suspension systems came into the market as a boon, especially for truck owners. Unlike car owners, they have to complete long distances, carrying excess loads on their vehicles. The stress of driving automatically increases when such conditions are given to you.

Air suspension dramatically transforms the ride, promising a journey that is less tiring, safer, and enjoyable

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