Creative Ideas for Tile Design to Improve the Look of Your Home



When it comes to redecorating or improving home aesthetics, tiles are the most liked material. They come in all sorts of designs and styles, with high durability and affordability. Each tile is a beautiful piece of art on its own, and it can transform the look of any space. So, if you want to lay tiles to improvise your home design, consider the following ideas to infuse various tile designs into your interior setting. 

Creative Tiling Ideas to Improve Your Home Look 

Create a Statement Backsplash with Tiles 

Tiles can be used beautifully in your cooking space so that your kitchen has its unique character and stands out from the rest of the house. With trending kitchen tile designs like hexagonal, brick-like, or floral patterns, you can create a captivating kitchen backsplash that can transform the overall kitchen look. A beautiful way to add colours to your kitchen is by using glossy tiles which can reflect light and create a sense of space. 

Go for Wooden Tiles for Increased Durability

No one can deny that wooden flooring offers an abundance of character to any space, and people love the natural feel that it offers. However, most homeowners do not go for wooden flooring due to its expensive cost and harm to nature. Still, there is a way to have the same natural feel in your space, and it is wooden tiles. These tiles come in various hues and textures but offer better durability and strength. 

Add Interest to Your Small Bathroom with Tiles

While designing small spaces, you should aim to make the space appear bigger. The traditional advice is to opt for a large-format tile design that offers a visual expansion due to minimal grouting. However, if you wish to add a powerful visual impact to your bathroom decor, you can consider laying small tiles but choosing a contrasting grout colour. 

Add Unique Characters with Pattern Tiles 

There is no way you can get wrong if you think of laying pattern tiles in your house. These tiles come in a wide range, from modern geometric designs to traditional Moroccan patterns. With their intricate and colourful designs, you can add depth and character to your space. Also, you can use them on both your walls and floors. They work best for accent walls when you pair them with a similar solid-toned tile, creating a focal point in the space. 

Invest in Terracotta Tiles for Your Kitchen 

Terracotta tiles are perfect for a classic kitchen design as they can stand the test of time. Whether you like a plain terracotta tile design or a pattern design for your kitchen flooring, the earthy tones of the tile can add character and charm, offering a rustic look to your cooking area. Moreover, they are quite durable since they are made with quality materials and can last for years in your heavy-traffic kitchen. 

Choose the Timeless Appeal of Subway Tiles 

Infuse timeless appeal into any space with Subway tiles, one of the most suited tile options. These tiles, from neutral tones to glossy and vibrant colours, are available in different designs, and you can always find one that suits your style. Pair them with soft-toned grout for a country-style look or a darker grout colour for a sleeker look. 

Use Tiles for Visual Partition

With the popularity of the open-plan living space concept, visual partition has been so important. However, you might think it is not possible and can be hard to separate spaces without any physical barriers. But you can easily do it by opting for different tile designs for different areas within the space. For example, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you can opt for wooden floor tiles for the dining part and a pattern floor tile design for the cooking space. This helps in breaking up the floor space without actually breaking it and making the space appear larger. 

Infuse Vintage Tile Designs in Your Entryway

Vintage-inspired tile designs are a suitable choice for entryways in homes of all styles and ages. These designs were popular then because of their unique looks and intricate designs. These days, you can find some pattern tiles like herringbone, chevron, geometric, or floral tiles that are inspired by Victorian styles. They allow you to create your pattern or just embrace them in their classic way. 

Create Seamless Transition Between Spaces 

While tiling the floor space of one room, you should consider using the same floor tile design for the adjacent room. This helps in creating a seamless flow between spaces while making them appear bigger and wider. For example, if you have a small outdoor kitchen that leads to your garden patio, choose a tile design that creates an uninterrupted transition between outside and inside. 

Go for Coloured Grout 

Choosing the grout is just as important as the right tile selection. You have to consider practical factors like mould resistance and longevity, but the colour of the grout is important for creating the overall look. Ideally, homeowners go for white or grey-toned tiles. If you want to make a statement with simple tile designs, consider using a contrasting grout colour to let your tiles take the limelight. 

Add Decorative Flair to Your Staircase

Tiles have always been used to elevate the look of entryways, however, they are less used on the staircase. So, if you want to design your staircase in a different way that makes it look one-of-a-kind, consider going for a vibrant and colourful tile design. You can go for staircase tile options like Moroccan-inspired tiles, which can make a beautiful feature of the staircase that is often neglected. Moreover, since the area is small, you can experiment with different tile options and designs without the need to break the bank. 


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