Why Do You Need DDoS Protected VPS Services For USA Websites?


In the online world, many users are sharing lots of information about their businesses through various social media handles and websites. It becomes very hard to know who is tracking your data and wants to destroy your business by hacking it. Due to this reason, people move forward to host their sites on the most secure hosting service that assures complete protection. However, there are various types of web hosting plans but if you have an already-grown website and looking for dedicated resources at a decent price. Then, here we suggest a DDoS Protected VPS Plan for USA Websites that enhances the level of security and protect it from hackers. 

So, in this article, we will discuss DDoS protection in VPS hosting and why websites need to serve this for their USA sites. So, let’s get started.

An Overview of DDoS Protection

When a website gets attacked by multiple online users or high traffic at a time then it is known as a DDoS attack. It contains multiple online connected devices by which a hacker sends fake traffic to your website so that your website crashes. Unlike, other cyber attacks, DDoS does not breach the security boundary of your server but it makes your website unavailable to legitimate users.

However, hackers also use it as a smokescreen for other bad activities to steal the data and breach the security layers. It is a highly impactable and noticeable event that happened to a website and this makes it a popular weapon of choice for hackers and competitors.

Therefore, because of all these reasons, when you choose any web hosting type, you should look for DDoS-protected plans. However, unlike shared servers, VPS USA plans comes with DDoS-protected services that let business owners secure their sites from hackers.

Need of DDoS Protected VPS Hosting Services for USA Websites

A DDoS-protected VPS hosting means a virtual private server that includes DDoS mitigation. It is located inside a network or data center to secure your site from DDoS attacks. So, to mitigate these types of attacks, you’ll need high bandwidth and special hardware firewalls. Their purpose is to stop malicious activities before they affect your USA VPS server and reduce attacks.

So, in order to get this much protection for a USA site, DDoS Protected VPS Server Plans come with high bandwidth and SSD storage server features. The server hardware is also protected and has a special firewall facility to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Hosting your website on a secure 1Gbps VPS for USA means that it is not vulnerable to cyberattacks and cannot be taken down. So, even when your site faces any DDoS activity then it does not affect and runs as smoothly as before.

Types of DDoS Attacks That Are Stopped By a DDoS Protected VPS in USA

Types of DDoS Attacks That Are Stopped By a DDoS Protected VPS in USA

To prevent hackers from disrupting your server, DDoS-protected VPS Hosting services are the most reliable solution for USA websites. Now, let’s look at the most popular cyber attacks that can be stopped by VPS servers.

1. Ping(ICMP)  Flood

ICMP flooding is one of the most popular DDOS attacks in which the attacker takes down the system and overwhelms it with ping echo requests. The attacker sends requests as fast as possible by not giving time to respond. This will make an Echo response and take down the server response and make it slow.

But having VPS Plans for USA websites that include DDoS protection can take down ICMP flood and run your system smoother.

2. UDP Flood

UDP flooding is an alternative method to attacks by sending random ports to your server. If you receive this many requests, your server will respond to each one, resulting in flooding of requests and eventually crashing your system. So, to stop this type of attack, you should host your site on DDoD-protected VPS Hosting services in USA.

3. Ping Of Death

This is particularly a dangerous type of DDoS attack in which the attacker wants to crash, destabilize, and freeze the target server. In this, they send malformed or oversized packets to attacks on the server using the Ping command. Generally, this type of attack exploits legacy weaknesses present in a vulnerable system. And, with USA VPS Server Hosting, you can protect your site from these types of attacks.

4. HTTP Flood

With this type of flooding, the attacker manipulates HTTP requests and attacks the web server. It can damage interconnected systems or websites which are already being attacked by malware such as Trojan Horses. Whenever a server or application is forced to allocate maximum resources to every single request, this attack is most effective. That’s why getting secure and SSL-protected VPS plans for USA Websites is really important.

There are many types of other DDoS attacks that can also be taken down by VPS USA plans like SYN flood, etc. 


Due to the availability of multiple things to destroy the server, hackers can find anything to damage your hosting platform and steal important information about a website. DDoS attacks are frequently used for damaging your system and make it vulnerable to access. This can eventually out down your business image and impacts revenue.

So, to avoid all these problems, people host DDoS-protected VPS For USA websites and make them more secure than before. VPS helps to enhance the security layer of your server. Also, the type of dedicated resources you get with the hosting plans are totally commendable and you have all the access to control them in whichever manner you want. Also, to pick a Cheap VPS plan in USA, you have to find a reliable host that can provide the utmost hosting services with a DDoS protection facility.

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