What’s The Difference Between A Lift and Slide Door And A Regular Sliding Door?

Renovations don’t have to be grand all the time. If you want to update your living home or office, consider changing your windows and doors. That’s one way to update your property without going over budget. Of course, that will depend on the size and number of windows or doors. 

If you’re shopping for options and found yourself curious about the benefits of lift and slide doors versus a regular door, here’s what you need to know. Understanding the differences will help you shop for options. 

Minimal Effort

Regular sliding doors move on a track along the floor. Lift and slide patio doors, for instance, lift off the track when opened. In either situation, the doors are supported. Being on a lift or track means you can slide them open with minimal effort. You won’t have to exert yourself too much in opening the door. Some doors, on the other hand, are heavy. You’ll need to push or put on some weight before they open. That’s especially true for old wooden or steel doors.

Excellent Insulation

The lifting action creates a tight seal when the door is closed for lift and slide doors. If you have an air conditioning system inside, you want to make sure your doors have no air leaks. Otherwise, that messes up your insulation. With a lift and slide door, you can keep your room cooler or warmer, depending on what you need. Aside from improving room insulation, the door also helps your room’s soundproofing. If you have wood doors, you know that wood warps over time, and that can create air leaks that let the cool or warm air escape.

Lower Energy Bills

If you have warped doors that let the cool or warm air escape, that also increases your energy consumption levels. Your AC system works harder because your room has air leaks. Installing lift and slide doors or sliding folding glass doors can eliminate that problem. By eliminating air leaks, your AC system won’t have to work so hard, and you won’t need to worry about rising energy consumption bills. That’s one way to reduce your energy costs.

Easy Access

One of the best things about lift and slide doors is that they come with special handles and locking mechanisms. Those features make it easy to operate these doors. That’s unlike traditional doors. You often require effort in pushing it or sliding it open or close. Doors made of wood are notoriously difficult to handle after a few years. Even staining the wood doesn’t prevent it from warping, and that creates unpleasant air leaks and air pockets that let in moisture and humidity. Switching to better doors gets rid of that problem.

Larger Openings

Maybe you think your door isn’t large enough. Maybe you want a massive couch or cabinet, and you often have a hard time fitting furniture through the door. You can replace your door with a bigger one with ease. Lift and slide doors also offer much larger openings, making it easy for you to get furniture through the doors. You won’t have to worry that the piece will get damaged before it even gets into your hallway, bedroom, or living room. If you have beautiful views around the property, those large openings will come in handy, allowing you to see through the outside. Just one look through the doors and you’ll feel surrounded by all that beauty. 

Improved Security

Lift and slide doors are as secure as traditional sliding doors. Both types of doors can be fitted with locking mechanisms and other security features to protect against criminal elements that may find themselves on your property. Prevent unauthorized access by exploring the locking mechanisms you can attach to your doors. Shopping for options will help you find the best systems to keep your property safe and secure.

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