The Best Tips for Elevating Your Magnetic Boxes

The Best Tips for Elevating Your Magnetic Boxes

Over the years, magnetic boxes have become increasingly popular as packaging solutions. These boxes are endless, ranging from storing items that should remain separated in storage areas to organizing items to even promoting items.

 These boxes can be plain and simple, as you may already know. Those with better quality features, on the other hand, are more likely to have these features. It may include dividers, hinges, additional storage areas, etc. Therefore, what kind of magnetic box would you like? 

As obvious as it seems, this is the right answer. It ultimately comes down to how you intend to use your product and what you seek. Those with higher prices may have more features and a better look. 

Buying a product purely for its looks or extra features, such as a divider, might not always warrant an extra cost. An easy-to-open and easy-to-close box has hinges, for example. Use magnetic boxes to stand out on a shelf. You can use dividers as well. 

When you’re trying to store various items in the same container, they can be a real help. Also, these boxes with extra dividers make it easy to keep small items from getting lost if they have an extra storage compartment. 

Here are five tips on elevating these boxes to the next level:

Manage the quality of your product 

In many cases, we focus solely on how the box looks without taking into account the materials it consists of. In any case, it’s important to keep in mind that the result should be a high-quality box at an affordable price. 

Custom-made boxes with magnets are often not sealed properly, which is one of the biggest problems. As a result, buying custom-made boxes with magnets without a waterproof seal or glue all the way around will weaken them over time. 

It may seem obvious, but this is not the case. Before placing an order, you can easily find out how your manufacturer seals these boxes.

Use of Magnets 

A magnetic gift box is not the same as every other magnetic gift box. In some cases, the magnets that attach the lids to the boxes are also susceptible to the same issues.

As a result, magnets come in a variety of types. As a result, before you make your decision to buy a magnetic gift box, make sure you know what type of magnet the manufacturer uses. 

Moreover, magnets from different manufacturers will vary in quality and power. The size and shape of magnets can vary. Magnetic fields tend to be stronger with round magnets. In some cases, they can, however, prevent the lids from closing completely. 

When trying to close your lids together, rectangular magnets are less likely to get in your way. Yet, they have a lower holding power than round magnets.

Material for boxes 

The type and quality of the material used also differ from one type of magnetic gift box to another.

It is always a good idea to ask the supplier for the materials used to make your desired magnetic box. It would be great if they sent you a sample so that you could see for yourself what the product feels like.

Seeing which material seems most appropriate for your product will help you decide what you should use. Your unique boxes with magnets will ultimately depend on what material they choose. 

Whether to engrave or print 

These boxes are customizable with engraving or printing, one of the most popular options.

A good option is to have your work engraved or printed. But in the end, the decision will come down to the goal you aim to reach.

Suppose, for instance, you are only aware of the appearance of the box and aren’t concerned about the contents. It may be more appropriate for you to use printing in that case. If you want your message to stand out, engraving may be the better option.

It is also easier for engraving to show little details, which makes it a better option for small details. On some surfaces, printing can appear hard to read.

Finishing of lids 

Consider whether you want a metallic finish or something more colorful for the tops of your small boxes with magnets.

In most cases, metal lids for these boxes are the best option.  It is possible to customize the finish of your product so that it makes a huge difference to how your clients view your product. Silver lids are sleeker and more modern than gold lids.

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