Smart Tips for Freshers Gearing Up for An Interview

Many things keep bothering an individual before appearing for an interview. What kind of questions will be asked? Will I get selected? How should I answer? What should I wear? An individual should start by researching the industry and the company where you intend to work. Check their competitors and the advantage they have over others. Looking for interview tips is not the same as asking for assignment help.

We have a quick guideline to help you go through the entire process.

Try anticipating the interviewer’s concerns

Commonly, there are more candidates than openings. This is not to scare, but an interviewer might try and screen people out. Just think from their point of view why they should hire you. Next, accordingly, prepare for the line of action. Highlight your strengths and areas which are ideal for the position.

Prepare for a set of questions already

Keep in mind some questions that will be asked. But the pain point is how you will prepare for it. Make a list and consider the topic you will likely be questioned on. Why would you prefer to work in the respective field? Where do you see yourself ten years from now in the industry? How would you like to move the career graph?

Prepare answers so that when you are questioned, you do not fumble during the interview.

Have your questions ready for the interviewer

Create a line-up of intelligent questions which will reflect that you are a serious individual. You can take help from peers or an assignment writer to frame the questions well. At least have one or two questions ready. Some basic questions could be, “How do you perceive an ideal candidate for the position?” or “What is the best thing about working here?”

Practice a lot

Practice is the key. When you prepare more for finance homework then you do not need finance assignment help from any expert. Similarly, come prepared with the questions like – “Why should a company hire you?” It can sound challenging but say it out loud and in a very convincing manner. Don’t be confused, so practice answering a few times till you get more clarity. The first five minutes of the interview are very important. It is a noted trend that some interviewers make up their mind during this time. Then in the rest of the interview, they look for things that confirm their decision.

Come in with much energy and express appreciation for being selected for the interview.

Sound assertive all the time

Try and show that you are on the same side as the interviewer. Make all the effort to sound polite and be active throughout the procedure. An interview is a simple conversation between two people. So, make the interviewer aware of your selling points. Also, handle inappropriate questions with a lot of grace and positivity.

Questions related to race, age, gender, religion, marital status, and sexual orientation are inappropriate. In some regions, these types of questions are also considered as illegal. Instead of sounding rude, you can simply answer – “I think this question is not relevant to the position I choose to apply for.”

Highlight your selling points

It is essential to communicate all the selling points well. Do not, in fact never, hide your career highlights and achievements. Instead, tell them about it with a brief description. Always sound positive about your accomplishment. Never dwell on or share negative experiences.

If the interviewer asks you about an unpopular decision, then they handle it with a lot of ease. Show that the decision was made under pressure and provide limited information.

  • Anticipate the behavior of the hiring manager and see the traits he is looking for.
  • Identify examples of career events where you showed such behavior.
  • Practice the art of storytelling using the technique called – situation-action-reaction or SAR. This can be the model for any story.
  • Next, practice telling the story.
  • Review the resume before submission.
  • Keep the proper format in mind.
  • Follow the latest trends.
  • Show that you are a team player and can accept challenges well.


Preparing for an interview differs from preparing for exams or asking for professional help. An individual needs to be very clear and professional in their approach. He should sound wholesome and perfect for the role.

Send thank-you notes

After an interview, send a thank you note. Send them via email, depending on the preference of the interviewer. The writing must be customised based on the topics or points you and the interviewer discussed. The thank-note must reach within two days of the interview.

Remember that a good thank you note might take a lot of time. So do not rush. Make a note of what the interviewer said. One can also highlight the areas of the interview which went mission. Lastly, keep these points in mind before you intend to appear for another or the next interview.

Build a never-give-up attitude

If the interview did not go well, then do not end up feeling sad or confused. Never think that you are unfit or you are a bad aspirant. Never give up on your dreams. Look for more job opportunities and prepare for another round of interviews. The world is full of possibilities. A bend in the road is not the end of the road!

Things to keep in mind before appearing for an interview

  • Avoid sharing unnecessary information during the interview.
  • Provide examples of your key skills wherever required.
  • Explain the arguments well.
  • Be flexible in picking new roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop strategies beforehand for answering industry-based questions.
  • Show you have the critical thinking capacity.
  • Keep the grader impressed all the time.

Seek help from experts or peers if required. The experts provide the right guidance and make sure if there are any problems, it is fixed well. One must not forget the role of a peer or an educator in resolving issues related to an interview.

Author Bio: Aaric Gomes is a teacher based at a university in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and is also associated with  He supports students with do my assignment help. He is a sports enthusiast and loves to play cricket in his free time.




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