Why Every Fashion-Forward Woman Needs a Pair of Punjabi Jutti in Her Closet

Fashion is all about exploring, experimenting and adding a unique touch to your wardrobe. And when it comes to footwear, there’s no better way to add some ethnic charm than with Punjabi Jutti. These traditional slip-on shoes have been an integral part of Indian fashion for centuries – and now they’re making their way into the closets of fashion-forward women around the world.

What are Punjabi Jutti?

Punjabi jutti are traditional Indian shoes that are not only stylish, but also comfortable and versatile. They can be worn with both traditional and modern clothing, making them a must-have for any fashion-forward woman. Punjabi jutti are typically made of leather or fabric, and are decorated with intricate embroidery or beadwork. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to complement your wardrobe.

The History of Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi jutti are a type of traditional Indian footwear that have been around for centuries. They are typically made of leather and are decorated with intricate embroidery. Punjabi jutti are usually considered to be quite comfortable and they can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Punjabi jutti first gained popularity in the Punjab region of India. The name “jutti” is derived from the Hindi word “joota,” which means “shoe.” Punjabi jutti were originally only worn by men, but women began wearing them as well during the Mughal era.

Punjabi jutti became increasingly popular among the British during the colonial period. British soldiers would often purchase Punjabi jutti while stationed in India and bring them back to Britain as souvenirs. Queen Victoria is even said to have owned a pair of Punjabi jutti!

Today, Punjabi jutti are still widely popular in India and Pakistan. They are often worn as part of a traditional outfit or as everyday footwear. Punjabi juttis can be purchased online or at many stores in South Asian communities around the world.

How to Wear Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi jutti are traditional Indian shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable. They can be worn with both ethnic and Western clothes. Here are some tips on how to wear punjabi jutti:

-Wear them with a pair of jeans and a kurta or tunic top for a casual look.

-Pair them with a saree or lehenga choli for a more traditional Indian look.

-Wear them with a dress or skirt for a chic and stylish look.

Where to Buy Punjabi Jutti

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing Punjabi jutti. First, they should be made of high quality materials like leather or fabric. Second, the stitching should be strong and even. Third, the overall design should be pleasing to the eye. Fourth, the price should be reasonable.

When it comes to where to buy Punjabi jutti, there are a few options. One is to purchase them online from a reputable retailer. Another option is to find a local store that specializes in selling traditional Indian footwear.

If you’re looking for a great deal on Punjabi jutti, it’s worth checking out online retailers like Amazon or eBay. You can often find good deals on these websites, especially if you’re willing to wait for a sale or special offer.

Finally, if you have friends or family members who live in India, they may be able to help you find a good pair of Punjabi jutti at a reasonable price. Just remember to ask around and compare prices before making your final purchase decision.


Punjabi Jutti are a great way to update your wardrobe and be unique in the fashion world. They come in many colors and styles, meaning you can find something that suits your own personal style. Whether you prefer traditional designs or contemporary ones, there is sure to be a pair of Punjabi Jutti for every fashion-forward woman out there.

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