Top 7 Mobile Event Apps In 2023

In this digital age, mobile event platforms have evolved into crucial tools for event organizers. They provide a variety of tools that make event planning easier, boost participant participation, and give event managers useful information. It can be difficult to choose the event app for the web that is the greatest fit for your event because there are so many on the market. We’ll look at the top 10 mobile event platforms in 2023 and give a detailed analysis of each one in this blog article.


One of the top event apps for mobile is Dreamcast. It is a flexible platform that supports a variety of event formats, including conferences, trade exhibitions, corporate events, virtual events, and product launches. The versatility of the Dreamcast is one of its main benefits. It is the perfect option for hybrid events because it can be utilized for both real-world and online events. It makes it simple for participants to stay connected and engaged no matter where they are by enabling them to view event information and take part in live sessions from their mobile devices.

The mobile event app from Dreamcast has a number of features that are meant to improve the experience for attendees. Attendees can access information such as speaker biographies, session descriptions, and comprehensive event schedules. Also, they can take part in real-time polls, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one conferences with sponsors and exhibitors. Also, the app has sophisticated networking tools that enable participants to interact with one another based on common positions, industries, or interests. This encourages networking and enables participants to form deep connections with other experts in their industry.

Event organizers can completely customize the mobile event software from Dreamcast to suit their individual requirements. This includes customizing the app’s pages and functionalities, as well as branding it with the company’s logo and colors. The platform has a user-friendly interface that is straightforward and easy to use. Attendees may now easily explore the app and locate the data they require without difficulty or aggravation.


Whova’s is one of the hybrid event apps that focuses on assisting guests in personalizing their experience. In order to get a head start on networking, one of the most crucial components of attending an event, registrants can connect to their app before the event. The Whova app has a tonne of interactive features so attendees who are in the audience may interact with the speakers just like those who are watching from home. The software also enables users to pick panels or sessions they want to attend and take part in. Major functions of the Whova event app include:

  • Attendee bios with social profile links

  • Effortless setup and branding

  • Mobile agendas

  • Interactive maps

  • Document sharing

  • Push notifications

In addition to allowing users to take notes, access agendas, and share documents, Whova’s hybrid event app also offers an offline mode in case of reception within the venue is spotty.

Webex Events

Another event app for mobile devices that supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person gatherings is Webex Events, formerly known as Socio. The multi-track events are supported by the end-to-end management platform. The software offers customization options for online registration, live and on-demand streaming, ticketing, and interactive attendee networking. The platform also provides onsite check-in, lead retrieval, badge printing, and live display for an in-person solution.

Customers of Webex Events app have the choice of both virtual and conventional event app experiences. A branded event app can be added for a completely customized experience, or you can use a generic app for your event. You can choose to build your own native iOS or Android app to display the branding of your event if you use a branded event app. It’s crucial to keep in mind that both sorts of mobile apps have identical functionality.


A single event app is provided by Bizzabo for physical, virtual, and hybrid events. The event and conference app from Bizzabo is renowned for its usability and feature selection. At bigger meetings and trade exhibits, it is frequently employed. Also, the software provides a wealth of customizable branding possibilities. Important attributes of Bizzabo include:

  • creating an event

  • process for registering users

  • transaction processing

  • Mobile check-in Timetables and agendas

The mobile conference software from Bizzabo interacts with LinkedIn to assist attendees’ user profiles to be more complete and to make networking with other attendees more convenient than before.


The hybrid event app from Pathable offers real-time data metrics while assisting event planners in interacting with guests before, during, and after the event. Important attributes of the Pathable event app include:

  • Private messaging and public forums

  • Individualized schedules

  • participant profiles

  • Surveys and polls, both during and after an event

  • One of the event applications, Pathable, provides agenda options in addition to an “export to my calendar” option and a conference calendar.

The user-friendly platform allows attendees to create personalized calendars and network through live chats and video interactions, whether they are present in person or not.


One of the all-in-one event apps, Accevelents is incredibly user-friendly and has a wealth of capabilities that enable event planners to design completely realistic event experiences for every guest. Important attributes of the Accelevents event app include:

  • Ticketing/Registration

  • polls and live chat

  • Both live and recorded keynotes

  • virtual booths for exhibitors

  • Powered by AI networking

  • Gamification

With the use of event technology, Accelevents enables attendees to communicate and participate in events while ensuring that they are remembered.


Stova is one of those apps for organizing events that may be used for any kind of event. Whether you’re searching for a conference app, a tradeshow app, or an app for educational events, it will design a mobile event app that is personalized to your requirements. Important attributes of the Stova event app include:

  • private video messaging

  • Registration

  • Q&A \sPolls

  • Gamification

  • Event information

Because of its fully customizable features and the high level of attendee involvement before, during, and after a virtual or hybrid event, Stova is one of the event apps appropriate for a wide range of businesses.

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