How to Use a Self-Service Car Wash: Washing, Rinsing, & Drying

Using a self-service car wash is a relatively simple process, but it can vary depending on the specific car wash you use. Here is a general overview of the steps involved:

  1. Pull into the car wash bay and select the type of wash you want to purchase. This will typically be done at a pay station or touch-screen kiosk.
  2. Once you have paid, proceed to the wash bay and position your car in the designated spot.
  3. Use the high-pressure wand to apply the soap and wash your car. Make sure to pay attention to the instructions for using the wand, as some car washes have different settings for different areas of your car.
  4. Once you have finished washing your car, use the high-pressure wand to rinse it off. Make sure to rinse the car thoroughly, paying attention to the undercarriage, wheels, and door jambs.
  5. After rinsing, use the blower or dryer to remove any remaining water from your car. Be sure to dry the car thoroughly, especially areas like the door jambs and undercarriage where water can accumulate.
  6. Once you have finished drying your car, exit the car wash bay.

Be sure to follow the specific instructions posted at the car wash, as some car washes may have different procedures or equipment. Also, be sure to use the right type of detergent and pressure of the water to not damage your car paint. It is also important to have a microfiber cloth or chamois handy to dry any remaining water and prevent water spots on your car.

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