From Pixie Cuts to Short Butterflies: How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for You

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle? Ready for a change, but not sure where to start? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore everything from bold pixie cuts to delicate short butterflies and help you choose the perfect hairstyle that will make heads turn. Whether you’re looking for something edgy or elegant, we’ve got you covered.

Know About Pixie Cut

If you’re considering a pixie cut, it’s important to know that there are many different types of pixie cuts. From the classic pixie cut to the modern-day pixie cut, there are a variety of styles to choose from.

The classic pixie cut is a short, cropped hairstyle that is usually worn with bangs. This style is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy to style.

The modern day pixie cut is a bit longer than the classic style and can be styled in a variety of ways. This style is perfect for those who want a bit more versatility with their hair.

If you’re not sure which style of pixie cut is right for you, it’s best to consult with a stylist or Barber who can help you decide which style will best suit your face shape and lifestyle.

Know About Short Butterfly

If you’re looking for a shorter hairstyle that’s still feminine and flirty, a short butterfly is a great option. This style is similar to a pixie cut, but the hair is left longer in the front and on the sides, while the back is kept short. This style can be worn with or without bangs, and looks best when it’s styled with some texture. Short butterflies are easy to style and maintain, and they can really help to show off your features. If you have a round face, this style can help to make it look more oval-shaped. And if you have big eyes or full lips, a short butterfly will really help to showcase them.

How to choose the right hairstyle for you

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, there are many factors to take into account. Here are some tips on how to choose the right hairstyle for you:

1. Consider your face shape. Different hairstyles will suit different face shapes. If you’re not sure what your face shape is, ask your hairdresser for advice.

2. Think about your lifestyle. Choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and suits your lifestyle. For example, if you have a busy lifestyle, you might want to choose a shorter style that is easy to style and doesn’t require much upkeep.

3. Take into account your hair type. Different hairstyles will work better with different hair types. If you’re not sure what your hair type is, ask your hairdresser for advice.

4. Consider the occasion. Choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the occasion or event you are attending. For example, if you are going to a formal event, you might want to choose a more sophisticated style.

5. Ask for advice from professionals. When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional stylist or hairdresser who can help you choose the right hairstyle for you based on all of the above factors (and more).

Pros and cons of different hairstyles

There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from and each has its own set of pros and cons. For example, a pixie cut may be easy to maintain but it can also be difficult to style. A short butterfly may be easier to style but it can also be more prone to damage.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a hairstyle:

-How easy is it to style?
-How easy is it to maintain?
-Is it prone to damage?
-Does it suit your face shape?
-Do you feel comfortable with it?

The best hairstyles for different face shapes

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle. The best way to find a style that flatters your face shape is to experiment with different looks and find what makes you feel most confident.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best hairstyles for different face shapes. Whether you have a round, oval, square, or heart-shaped face, we’ve got you covered.

Round faces: If you have a round face, your goal should be to add length and angularity to your look. Try styles that feature long layers or chin-length bobs with angled ends. Avoid styles that are parted in the middle or too voluminous on top, as they will only accentuate the roundness of your face.

Oval faces: Oval faces can pretty much pull off any style, so you’re lucky in that regard! If you want to play up your natural assets, try a style that highlights your cheekbones or brings attention to your eyes. A sleek ponytail or center part are always flattering on an oval face.

Square faces: If you have a square face, you’ll want to avoid styles that are too boxy or blunt. Soften the angles of your face with gentle waves or curls, and go for a style that hits at least at the jawline (or longer).

How to style your hair after getting it cut

If you’re not sure how to style your hair after getting it cut, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to style your hair after getting a haircut:

-Start by towel drying your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.
-Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, starting from the bottom and working your way up.
-If you have curly hair, you can define your curls with a curl defining cream or gel. If you have straight hair, you can use a smoothing serum or oil to tame flyaways.
-Once your hair is dry, style it as desired. You can use hot tools to achieve the look you want, or simply let your hair air dry for a more natural look.


With so many different hairstyles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. However, by taking into account your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle, you should be able to find the perfect haircut that compliments your unique look. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional stylist who will help you select the most flattering cut for your face type and personality.

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